Soulja Boy ft 50cent – Mean Mug (a special review)

Ready for a special review? No? Well you better start then.
[ ?posts_id=4516351&dest=-1]
Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link


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  1. Hey, thanks a lot, man! You’re so cool!

    Don’t you just hate it when cops try to sell you potatos? Actually, no, that has never happened to me. Yet…

    I must admit, i’m kind of surprised that 50-Cent and Soulja Boy are actually friends! I guess 50-Cent doesn’t have any standards after all.

    Great review Herbis, and your friends!

    • Thanks man,
      yeah 50 cent likes to appear in every youtube video, therefore making the youtuber famous for a while.
      But I’m telling you, once the economy goes even worse, police will try to sell you some potatoes to make a living.

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