Unnecessary Unboxing Episode 4: WD Elements Hard Drive

[blip.tv ?posts_id=4608546&dest=-1]
Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link

Thanks again Pariah! It works great.


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  1. “Hey, do you guys ship to Latvia?”

    “Sure, we ship to Latvia.”

    “And is the power connector for Latvian sockets?”

    “Umm… Sure, we ship to Latvia!”

    Fucking hate when that happens! When i bought my power supply unit, it had a North American plug, so i had to buy an adapter for it. So annoying… Well, at least they delivered the hard drive on time!

    Yeah, that’s how you pronounce “pariah”. It’s a tad easier for me than “izstumtais”!

    And thanks for not giving away my name and address!

    Also, i think you have to check voltage and stuff when buying an adapter, given what happened to MarzGurl…

    • lol, awesome management.
      Well at least I got the pronunciation right. I figure “izstumtais” would be hard to pronounce if you’re English.
      I figured I shouldn’t gave away your real name, and I would never give away someones address.
      I yeah, but I didn’t need to buy an adapter. Turns out they sell the connectors everywhere now, so I got it and it works great.
      Thanks again!

  2. What A Great Guy Pariah Is !!

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