MUM Episode 2: Joy Division

CAMEO TIME! Watch another episode of Music Unknown to the Masses, which is made by The Circle Guy. And of course I appear in it.


You should also check out his website:


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  1. So… Why was there no censoring? Not that i’m griping; I’m quite opposed to that sort of thing anyway. Either way, that was most entertaining.

  2. Well i wouldn’t really consider it an explanation. It would have been if this was the first episode, but it was the second, so why have a disclaimer at the beginning saying that you’re face is censored, when it’s not?

    • it was a joke on the first episode. Also I got the advice very very late in editing

      • woah circle, approved your comment pretty late, you confused me with changing your profiles so I thought it was already posted. I blame the potato!

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