Unnecessary Unboxing Episode 11: “Aussie Special” – Boomerang

ITS RELEVANT! Thanks to every Aussie viewer I have. All others – fu.. alright.. Thank you too.
[blip.tv ?posts_id=5360250&dest=-1]
Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link


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  1. Did you know that choking on boomerangs is the leading cause of death for children under 4 years old in Australia? No? Neither did i…

    It’s actually quite hard to learn how to throw a boomerang properly. For starters, you have to throw it anti-clockwise (if you’re right-handed), and you should use a REAL boomerang, not some cheap piece of plastic… I don’t have much experience with it myself, so i can’t teach you. Sorry.

    Also, i’m glad i’m not the only 1 who thinks that child on the disclaimer looks like an onion…

  2. Just like every Australian Flag, or anything “Australian” you can get in the supermarket’s in Australia, “Made in China”

    And yes, you pronounced “Aussie” correctly 🙂

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