PC or GTFO PodCast Episode 11: Piracy [feat Mike (a very famous guy)]

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Alternatively you can listen to it on Youtube: Link
Download Mp3
Episode contents:
Main Topic:  Piracy
Stanislas Mettra: Fuck PC gamers.
Stanislas Mettra: I DIDN'T MEAN IT, HONEST!
Ubisoft giving gamers Free to Play "Ghost Recon: Online", but not "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier". BLAME PIRACY!
Minecon, Notch mad. 
Herbis: The H Show.com Twitter 
Circle Guy:  Website Twitter
Mike:  He's too famous to even link to him.  
Erunno: Steam Twitter
Qarx: YouTube Twitter
Send in your questions to PCorGTFO@gmail.com


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  1. Where’s Mike? We love Mike! We demand more Mike!

  2. W00t, it’s the famous Mike from Blizzard Entertainment! He worked on SkyRim, you know!

  3. Russian games… My old THEN legal RUSSIAN version of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis 2 years later activated the built-in anti-piracy system, as in, you are a seagull in the most important moments… Apparently, my key was used on 10 different computers….
    Still, after that i lied to someone to make him buy OFP: Resistance expansion for me, also Russian (BAD IDEA). A year later, the anti-piracy thing activated itself again! 😀 Now i was a seagull with a pistol! One patch seems killed off the anti-piracy system, favouring the russians. Thats when i started to pirate for QUITE A WHILE. Developers forgot to make Patches for the russian version as well.

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