Indie Play – Trauma

For the forth episode of Indie Play, I take a look at a game called Trauma. I hope you enjoy!
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Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link

Fallow-up video:
Indie Cast – Trauma


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  1. Wow. Although this doesn’t look like the kind of game i’d enjoy, i gotta give them props for doing something so different. Or at least, different to any other game i have seen…

    Have you played any more of this game after this video? I’d like to know what happens..

    • Wow, that sure was something, wasn’t it? It appears you were trying to recall the memories of a psychiatrists patient. I must say, i’m kind of fond of this game, even though the gameplay is pretty bland. I wonder what Robert G. would think of it…

  2. You gonna play the sequel?

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