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Akon – Sexy Bitch parody..on a parody.. in Latvian

Well yeah.. this is weird. We did this for the “badge evening” in school, where our parents, teachers, friends come to watch us perform a play or something (and of course they come to celebrate the fact that we’re graduating(?) from school).. so this was included.. and my parents liked it.

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Also a fun fact, as I said before, none of my real friends or even parents know that I have this show. So add that to me not being really social in school, and you get an effect on people.
I also must credit the cameraman, actor, and the editor – Toms Taukulis. He’s the other guy in the video..and by the other I mean the main guy.
Inspired by :


Untitled Sketch Show – Episode 1 Latvian Hootenanny

Circle Guy is responsible for this. Honestly!
Check out the website.