First of all – Hello!

I’m Herbis, or, if you would like to know my full name – Herberts Markuns. I’m also know as “H”, therefore its The “H” Show.

I’m from Latvia, hometown – Olaine.
I love to play basketball, and do this. And what is this, you may ask?

Well this is where I get to show another side of myself. I do music reviews, lets plays, sometimes even game reviews, and other random stuff.  And I love it, so I’m having fun with it.
Biggest motivation for me is that I get to entertain people. I’m not chasing fame or money, because I know that that would be just a waste of time, and would just annoy people.
Thanks to this, I’ve met some really nice people, and made some new friends.
I’ve also received some troll hate, but that’s just hilarious.
I “like” to review really bad music, which are usually not that popular.
Adds are annoying, that’s why I removed them from my videos. That’s why I’m still on free version of WordPress, that doesn’t support things like adds. I thank every viewer I get, for watching my videos, so I don’t think I should annoy them with some adds, and get just few cents off it. I don’t host the website, so I don”t need adds to compensate for the hosting costs. The adds that appear on the website sometimes, are from WordPress.com itself, so I don’t profit from them at all(so feel free to use Adblock on my website, unless you want WordPress to profit). But there is a possibility to donate me something – cash, stuff or games. Cash of course goes to the show, and not just gets spent on cocaine and hookers, I tend to buy things that will improve the show in any way.

Biggest thanks goes to everyone watching my videos, and especially those who donate anything (especially Pariah 😉 )!
Thank You, and I hope you like what I do, because I like doing it.

Here’s my About.me page.

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