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NBA 2k Compilation [August 2011]

Here’s the NBA 2k Compilation for August.
This time moments only from me and Rush. I hope you like it!

Submitting rules here:


NBA 2k Compilation [March-July 2011]

I’ve noticed I haven’t posted this here.
Anyways, instead of doing these “Top 11 of Sports Games” (which consumed a lot of time, nerves, and I was bad at voicing it) I’m going to be doing these Sports Compilations. Great moments that are worth to be in a video. I hope someone likes it.

If there’s anyone that wants their moments in it, they should probably contact me.

Top 11 of Sports Games [February]

It’s a bit too loud, so be warned.

Top 11 of Sports Games [January]

First video of top 11 of Sports Games, this is for January. Not a lot of entries, but I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. Special thanks to the 8 judges who voted.

Get into the Sports Compilation [updated 14/09/2011]

New project I’m starting, because I now have enough free space for it (thanks to Pariah). So if you play Sports Games like NBA, NHL, FIFA or anything else (except Chess, get real people, it’s not a fucking Sports game), and you have a great/funny/epic or just an awesome moment, record it, and send it to me at . Also don’t forget to set the subject to “Sports Compilation”. Don’t forget to add your Name/nickname or gamertag so I can credit you.
This is going to be a monthly thing, just to keep the quality of the videos.
And here are some rules:

  • Your videos must not take up more than 200mb per video. (you can size it down by rendering it in Sony Vegas or Windows Movie Maker, or anything else someone can suggest)
  • You can only send in up to 5 videos per month.
  • Video must be from a sports game, it doesn’t matter how old the game is, it could be NBA 2k11 as well as NBA 2k1.
  • You can send in NBA 2k11 .rep files (C:\Users\X\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K11\Saves)
  • No in-game cheating allowed.
  • Don’t steal videos and then claim they’re yours.
  • Try to record footage from many angles.
  • For NBA 2k if you can’t send me the .rep file, then here is what you’ll need to do:
    In the reel maker open your replay, and at the beginning set the camera to skybox. Then copy the part where the action happened and put it in the end. Now before the pasted moment put in a wipe that resembles the team that did the action. Now for the pasted copy part set a different camera, which ever you feel like works the best. Also set the speed there to 0.4 . Now film it.
  • Send your footage to (You can also send me a link to files, like upload them at a file hosting site(like and then put a link into the email).

If you break some important rules, you will get on my black list.

I might not include some videos just because we’ve seen something very similar too many times, or if it’s just too simple.

The video will be posted whenever I feel like it (and by that I mean when I complete it).