Officially Moved to Blogger

I’ve officially moved to blogger now. The domain will be transfered to it soon..hopefully. Here’s the link to blogger:


Lets Play: GTA Vice City Episode 4

Some more Vice City action for you. I hope you enjoy.

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PC or GTFO PodCast Episode 16: Skip the Combat?

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Alternatively you can listen to it on Youtube: Link

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Episode contents:
Main Topic:  Skip the Combat?
Kinect in Asus laptops.
BREIN with no BRAIN.
Dating website for gamers.
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Unnecessary Unboxing Episode 18: JVC Xtreme Xposives

They’re so Xtreme they’re deadly. Seriously.

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Big thanks to Pariah!

Lets Play: GTA Vice City Episode 3

Took me a while, but I finally got back to it. I hope you enjoy!
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Moving to

Hello everyone,
I’ve been planing and working on this for a while now, and mainly because of all of the restrictions has, I decided that it’s time to move to (a.k.a. blogger).
All the posts that are here, are now there too, so are the comments.
Soon I’ll set up that will go to the blogspot site, but for now the new website is here:

So go on, check out the new website, I hope you like it, because it will allow me to do more things with it.
And please, leave me some feedback while you’re at it.

P.S. Also, if you’re an email subscriber of this website, you can already subscribe to the new website too.
P.S.S. I know older videos aren’t showing up, but that will be fixed eventually. It takes time.

The transfer of the will happen in a month. In the mean time I will keep improving the site.

PC or GTFO PodCast Episode 15: ACTA and PCIPA

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Episode contents:
Main Topic:  ACTA and PCIPA
BioWare bans a user for using "I'm 12, what is this?" joke.
EA signs up more publishers for Origin.
MPAA president threatens congress.
Racism in Minecraft.
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Black March 2012

This event will take part all throughout March 2012.
While SOPA and PIPA got shelved, there are some new acts coming to invade our privacy. ACTA and PCIPA are on their ways.
I’m sick of this. Entertainment industry wants more money, even though they get millions doing nothing, while us, regular people have to work hard to get anything. What these bills will do is not help original content creators, but it will help the big heads in charge, the ones that have millions/billions. And what they fail to understand is that you have to fight piracy with value for money, and not law.
So I say, fuck you Entertainment Industry! I’m in full support of Black March 2012, and I encourage you to support it too. This is getting out of hand.

With the continuing campaigns for Internet-censoring litigation such as SOPA and PIPA, and the closure of sites such as Megaupload under allegations of ‘piracy’ and ‘conspiracy’, the time has come to take a stand against music, film and media companies’ lobbyists.

The only way to hit them where it truly hurts… Their profit margins.

Do not buy a single record. Do not download a single song, legally or illegally. Do not go to see a single film in cinemas, or download a copy. Do not buy a DVD in the stores. Do not buy a videogame. Do not buy a single book or magazine.

Wait the 4 weeks to buy them in April, see the film later, etc. Holding out for just 4 weeks will lave a gaping hole in the media and entertainment companies’ profits for the 1st quarter. An economic hit which will in turn be observed by governments worldwide as stocks and shares will blip from a large enough loss of incomes.

This action can give astatement of intent:

“We will not tolerate the Media Industries’ lobbying for legislation which will censor the internet.”

Say no to the New World Order, controlled by Entertainment Industry.


ACTA is one more offensive against the sharing of culture on the Internet. ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is an agreement secretly negotiated by a small “club” of like-minded countries (39 countries, including the 27 of the European Union, the United States, Japan, etc). Negotiated instead of being democratically debated, ACTA bypasses parliaments and international organizations to dictate a repressive logic dictated by the entertainment industries.

ACTA would impose new criminal sanctions forcing Internet actors to monitor and censor online communications. It is thus a major threat to freedom of expression online and creates legal uncertainty for Internet companies. In the name of trademarks and patents, it would also hamper access to generic medicines in poor countries.

Say no to ACTA, sign this:

Here’s something about PCIPA:

under language approved 19 to 10 by a House committee, the firm that sells you Internet access would be required to track all of your Internet activity and save it for 18 months, along with your name, the address where you live, your bank account numbers, your credit card numbers, and IP addresses you’ve been assigned.
Said an attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation: “The data retention mandate in this bill would treat every Internet user like a criminal and threaten the online privacy and free speech rights of every American.” Even more troubling is what the government would need to do in order to access this trove of private information: ask for it.

Remember – you have the power, not them.

PC or GTFO PodCast Episode 14: Got to go

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Alternatively you can listen to it on Youtube: Link
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Episode contents:
Main Topic:  Got to go.
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier comming to PC after all.
Kinect for Windows gets a date.
Ubisoft vs Rocksmith.
Bungie, Razer and against SOPA.
ESA pulls it's support from SOPA at the last second.
Mass Effect 3 PC bound to Origin and nothing else.
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Indie Play – Trauma

For the forth episode of Indie Play, I take a look at a game called Trauma. I hope you enjoy!
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Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube: Link

Fallow-up video:
Indie Cast – Trauma