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FIFA Night: Episode 4 – MU vs ARS

2 months later I bring you the forth episode of FIFA Night.
This time it’s not with Rush, but it’s with LuzeR.

Manchester United (LuzeR) vs Arsenal (Herbis).
Feel free to recommend teams you would like me and someone else to play with.
Also you can challenge me to a match, if you want to.

LuzeR’s YouTube channel


FIFA Night: Episode 3 – MEX vs NOR

Best episode so far. Mexico (as Rush) and Norway (as Herbis).

FIFA Night: Episode 2 – GIM vs ANT

Episode 2 is here! Gimnastic (white, controlled by Rush) vs Antalyaspor (red, controlled by Herbis).
Hope you enjoy it!

FIFA Night: Episode 1 – MU vs LIV

And here it finally is, first episode. So I’m Liverpool(in black) and Rush is Manchester United). I hope you can enjoy it, since it was fun to make it.

P.S. for the best quality(even though it’s still pretty bad) I recommend switching to 480p.

FIFA Night: Preview

This is a preview of an upcoming show..lets play..thingy. We’ll be playing and commentating on the game, because we usually have some epic games. Not every recording will become an episode (f.e. if it is really boring, I skip that game). Each episode will be about 10min long. Hopefully you’ll like them 🙂